Video transcription

Hi I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. Alright so you want to plant a climbing rose, now basically it's just like every other rose you are going to take it out of the container, as we have done here. You're going to go ahead and kind of score some of the areas where it's kind of root bound, where it is growing in a circular pattern, and make sure you set it about the same depth level that it was growing in the container. Now with climbing roses we normally have a little arbor or some type of structure for the climber to grow up upon. So go ahead and put that structure in first and then you can start to tie this or weave it through your arbor as it starts to get larger. Remember how tall you want it to be, five foot arbor, six foot, seven foot, the plant will probably get there eventually. Now I know it may not look like that when it's only two feet out of the container, but it will grow, and it will grow at a pretty fast rate. Plant it, improve the soil, add peat moss, add some Black Kow cow manure. Make your ten dollar hole for your ten dollar rose, and you will have years and years of beautiful climbing roses with bunches of blooms. For, I'm Stan DeFreitas.