Video transcription

Hi I'm Merrilee and today I am going to show you how to make caramel pop corn. The first thing to do is we are going to make the caramel sauce because we have already popped our pop corn. That is going to require just a few simple ingredients. First a quarter of a cup of butter, a half a cup of brown sugar, two tablespoons of light corn syrup and a quarter of a teaspoon of salt. We are going to take this back to the stove top and we are going to heat it up to a boil. We are going to have to boil it for five minutes so I'll get started with that and then when the caramel is all ready we'll come back and we'll show you how to put it over the popcorn in a very easy and less messy method. So I am just going to continue stirring this until we bring it to a boil and when five minutes is up then we'll get ready to top our popcorn. Alright now our caramel has been boiling for about five minutes so it is ready to take it off the stove and we need to add our quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda and a quarter of a teaspoon of vanilla and then we'll get ready to top our popcorn, mix this up really good. Alright now a trick a friend of mine taught me, this is a very messy process so here is what she said to do. We are going to take this popcorn, we are going to dump it into a paper bag which I have right here, there we go. Now this is going to be a little on the tricky side but you want to drizzle this caramel sauce down into the bag then I am going to close the bag and shake it real good and we'll see if we can't get it all coated well. It's a little thick but this way when you are all said and done you can throw the bag away and you don't have to worry about cleaning up all the sticky dishes. Let me see, see if I can get one more spoon full out of there. O'kay, take the bag closed and make a lot of noise, dump it out on to this tray here. Now if some of this popcorn seems a little too sticky for you after it has sat then you can always put it in the oven and you can bake it at 250 for about an hour and then it will become that real crunchy caramel corn that you are used to and that's how you make caramel popcorn.