Video transcription

The question is, what are signs of stroke in the rabbit. Uh, stroke, what we think about it in humans is a little different than we are talking about it in rabbits. Rabbits, very commonly have inner ear problems or problems with abscesses in the central nervous system or brain. And so, very commonly these rabbits will have a head tilt and so their entire head will be shifted to one side. And they do that because their balance center is being affected. And so, we just kind of blanketly call it stroke and people will recognize that as a stroke but it's actually not a vascular problem typically in a rabbit like it is in a human. So in rabbits what we are ending up dealing with is either an inner ear infection or parasitic type of infection. Uh, trauma can also cause a head tilt, if there is trauma to the head. And, very commonly an infection of the brain or abscess in the brain. And so again these rabbits will have what's called torticollis, which is a shifted or turned head it's also called wryneck that is kind of another lay term for that, uh and these rabbits needs to be seen because if that goes on, they will stop eating and they can get more and more sick. And so, commonly these are treated, if it's an infection with antibiotics or anti parasitic and uh that torticollis or head tilt may resolve. But, rabbits that have a head tilted or stroke that is are sick and need to be seen as soon as possible.