Video transcription

Umm, how to fill out a passport application required for a passport application. Pretty much, the first thing you're going to want to to do is go to the website You're going to download the form DS-11, which is this one right here. You're going to fill out the form. You can actually fill it out on-line and print it out or print it out and then fill it out and bring it to your passport acceptance facility. Before you go to your acceptance facility, you're going to want to look on that website, you'll punch in your zip code and it'll tell you your nearest acceptance facility. In most cases, it's a post office, it could be a clerk of court office. You're going to want to get some passport photos taken. They need to be two by two, and there's specific quality requirements that you will find on that website to tell you what they need to look like. You can pretty much go to any drug store to get those taken, Walgreens, CVS, and they will do this for you and they'll be the exact size. Once you do that, you're going to get together your proof of citizenship whether it be your certified state issued birth certificate or naturalization papers. You will then take those which will be returned to you with your new passport. You will also have to present a government photo ID such as a driver's license or state ID and you're going to want to take your checkbook. The passport acceptance facilities will not take credit cards. You're going to need to write a check or maybe two checks. Sometimes they divide it up and typically for anybody over the age of sixteen, it comes out to a hundred dollars, under the age of sixteen, I think it's about eighty-five. So you'll take all that to your passport acceptance facility. They will send out your birth certificate, and application, and probably in about three to four weeks, you should receive your new passport and your birth certificate back in the mail to you.