Video transcription

If you just go online to and it will take you straight to Kelly Blue Book, you can click used vehicle values and type in the model of your vehicle and put the mileage in. You can check four wheel drive, two wheel drive, leather, power windows, locks, all the different options that you might have and then it ask you to rate your vehicle, excellent, good, fair, or poor condition and they have a description of what each one of those things is and about how many like excellent, only a few cars, a small percentage of cars would fall in the excellent category and that's a tough choice and it is a little bit open to interpretation of where you want to place your vehicle but be realistic and perhaps get several values you know. Don't be hung up on just excellent, look excellent and good or good and fair and try to get a gage, a range of what your vehicle is worth. You know if you have the same vehicle you might ask five different people and you may get five different options just because of small variances so don't get so hung up on, you know don't split hairs over this thing but just try to get an idea of what your vehicle is worth.