Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dan Stringfield with Twiggs Bakery, in San Diego, California, and for this segment we're going to show you how to cover a cake with fondant for a wedding cake, and then show you a little fondant drape for a wedding cake. So, fondant is nothing anybody buy makes and sells. It's something you purchase. Now, fondant cakes were really, really popular in the late 90's and the early part of this century. They've sort of fallen out of favor a little bit cause' fondant's gotten sort of a bad rap cause' it's something you purchase. Like anything you purchase there's good quality stuff and crappy stuff, and a lot of those people use the crappy stuff cause' obviously, it's cheaper and you save money. But, the thing about fondant, as you'll see in a minute, it's called roll of fondant because you literally roll it out and then drape it on the cake so it looks like a piece of fabric that's laid on the cake. But, the first thing you gotta' do is start kneading it a little bit, so we're going to get this is actually a little cornstarch. You want to make sure your table's perfectly clean. You want to make sure your hands are clean, because let me tell you, fondant picks up everything, but the beautiful thing about fondant is it makes your cake look perfect. Everything you see in Martha Stewart is covered in fondant cause' your cake just looks perfect. So, you want to start off with a round because your cake's round. So, if you start off with a round you should end with a round. So, you're going to roll it out a little bit. Then, just rotate it, roll it some more and you just want to keep conscious of keepin' that round shape, okay. So now we got this rolled out. I'll just show ya'. You want it about that that level of thickness. Thick enough to cover the flaws but not so thick that it becomes just inedible. Okay, so now we've go this, and what we're going to do; going to have our cake here. Just going to lift this up; going to lay it on the cake. And now we go down. We're just goin' down and smoothing the cake, smoothing the sides. And you have to pull a little bit and push in, so pull out cause' it tends to just bunch. Now, one of the differences you'll note from the butter cream versus a fondant, the fondant you get a, sort of really sort of a rounded edge versus the butter cream. So now they, you can buy these tools to sort of smooth the fondant. It's a little plastic thing sort of like this but with a handle, and you can rub it over, but just your hands are fine, really. So now you've got the thing covered and we're just going to get a, here it is, just a pizza cutter and just go around the edge and just trim off fondant. Now, you're thinkin' what the heck is that cardboard? That was the cardboard, the bigger cardboard that the cake was sitting on. And then, you just decorate it and stack it; put the straws in for the tier support just like you would a normal butter cream cake. Now, there's some cool tricks you can do with fondant that you just can't do with regular butter cream. So, now I'm going to show you how to do a fondant drape which is really popular.