Video transcription

My name is Mark Owens and I am a customer experience manager here at Best Buy in Pleasant Hill. With the onset in so much of new video capture technology one of the hottest questions we hear every day is how do I capture video on to a Blue Ray Disc? The first thing that you are going to need is either going to be a laptop or a desktop that has Blue Ray Disc burner on it. After you have fund one of those items you are going to need a couple of other things. You are going to need a software like Pinnacle Studio Ultimate which is going to allow you to capture Blue Ray Disc content on to your computer as well as burn it down on to Blue Ray DVD. Once you get the computer on you are going to want to find yourself either a Blue Ray disc writable or rewritable DVD, locate the DVD burning drive on the side of your laptop, place the disc in the drive, close it up tight. Once you have your HD content on your computer you are going to want to open your software, import that content into the software, edit it and then click burn on to your Blue Ray Disc. Now you are editing movies in high def. For trusted guidance and advice check out more tech tips with us on