Video transcription

Hi! I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to show you how to remove paint from leather. Best case scenario, the paint is still wet, in this case, you want to get a dry paper towel or cloth that you're not going to be using for anything decorative because it's going to get paint on it, obviously. You want to blot the area with the paint on it. Don't wipe it, when you wipe paint off of anything, you're just making the stain bigger and you're spreading it, so always blot. Next, since it's leather, you want to grab a very mild soap like a really mind hand soap or a mild dish detergent. Make sure it doesn't say it's, "super degrease or mega power," you don't want anything too strong so really mind soap, just a little bit of it and some water, like this and get a very soft bristled toothbrush and scrub the stain like this. You want to scrub it and get a damp cloth and wipe it, scrub it some more, get the damp cloth, wipe it some more and that should remove it as best as it's going to get removed. With leather, a good way to cover up any stains or scratches is with shoe polish, so with this black jacket you would put black shoe polish on it to cover up the stain if any of it don't come out. If the paint is dry, this is a little more complicated. You want to get a knife and this is a really tricky procedure, you almost have to be like a brain surgeon to do this correctly without scratching the leather but, you want to try to work the knife up under the paint chips and just pick as much of the paint off as you can with the knife. You'll be left with the stain, you want to do the soap and water again, try to scrub as much of that as you can and another trick to remove paint is olive oil. No matter if it's regular olive oil, whatever. Put on olive oil on it, rather than with your finger you may want to grab that toothbrush then scrub it a little bit and this will help remove the paint also. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you remove paint from leather.