Video transcription

Hello, this is Gabriela Garzon, at G.G. Image and Etiquette Consulting, in Coral Gables, Florida. In this clip, I'm going to talk about how to identify an authentic Jimmy Choo handbag. All girls love Jimmy Choo and we know that Jimmy Choo has the wildest designs of purses that are actually very hard to make them into fake ones and if you actually make them like that, or you find them like that, I'm sorry, you can also realize that, that designs are completely off to what actually to the actual authentic Jimmy Choo designs. The same thing goes with the authentic leather that they use and of course the monogram that they have on inside and the material, the lining of the Jimmy Choo on the inside is very, very authentic and pretty much different than Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and most of the top brands of hand bags. Jimmy Choo hand bags are also very well known for having like a lot of like hanging type of leathers on the side. The closure of the handbag also are made of like very ha, umm, big hardware and as as well as little pieces of leather hanging on the sides and the handles are also pretty original. So once again, this is Gabbie Garzon at G.G. Image and Etiquette Consulting.