Video transcription

Let's talk about what kinds of foods turtles eat. This is actually a tortoise, but the principle's kind of the same. We usually think about turtles and being aquatic to semi-aquatic or land turtles, like Box turtles, versus tortoises which are usually strictly land based. But turtles and tortoises are for the most part, omnivorous meaning that will eat plant material and living things as well, so it depends on the species. Other species may be food specific so check with your veterinary clinic or your pet store to determine the best diet for turtles and tortoises. Now, a a a varied diet in a species such as this is a good thin, that is fruits, vegetables,and some protein, but again that varies on the species. There are commercial foods available for a lot of different tortoise and turtle species and turtles such as the Red Hair Sliders, they will eat more things in the line of earth worms and fish kind of based things as well as some plant material, and when you talk about tortoises like this guy, you're talking about fruits and leafy greens for the most part. They're kind of most turtles and tortoises are kind of opportunistic eaters, will sometimes eat dead animals, carry-on, that sort of thing, but talk to your pet or your veterinary clinic and find out what is the appropriate diet for your turtle or tortoise.