Video transcription

Hi, my name's Dave Andrews. Today, I'm going to show you how to remove an Excel password. Let's go to our computer and open up Excel. I'm going to click on the Start button and go to All Programs. Let's find Microsoft Office, and then click on Excel. I'm going to open up a password-protected document by clicking on my Office button and then clicking Open. I'm going to navigate to my desktop where I have one saved, and I'm just going to open up My Excel Spreadsheet here. Now, this is my document, and I'm not able to change any cells or type anything. I'm trying here to double-click to where I can add to the cell. This document is password-protected, and it won't allow me to change anything. So to remove that password in Excel, I have to click on the Review tab and then click on Un-protect Sheet. So I'm just going to click that now. And you must know the password in able to unprotect the worksheet. Now, we'll type in the password, which happens to be David, and click okay. Now, I'm able to type and edit these worksheets just as if the password had never existed. Now, if I don't re-protect it with a new password and I save it, then when I open that Excel spreadsheet again, it's no longer protected at all. So it's a good idea to every time you make changes to it, if you want the document to remain protected, go back to your Review tab and protect that worksheet again by typing in the password. My name's Dave Andrews, and I've just showed you how to remove an Excel password.