Video transcription

Hi my name is Dave Andrews, today I'm going to show you how to make address labels. We're going to do this using Excel and Word. So let's go to our computer, and I'm going to open up Microsoft Excel. And I have a database, or actually a workbook that I'm using as a database called "people." I'm just going to open that up and it has a list of people in here. As you can see in my first row I have columns describing the information that falls beneath it. There's my first names of my people, last names and so on. I'm going to save this, and I have to have it actually separated into columns such as this. That way Word knows how to interpret the data. So I'm now going to open up Microsoft Word, and we're going to accomplish this using a mail merge. Let's click on mailings, and then click start mail merge, right here in the start mail merge, actually select recipients first. Sorry. And click use existing list. Now I'm going to navigate to where I have my file saved, and I'm going to select it. It's my people.xls from Excel. I'm going to tell it to use sheet one in the workbook, because that's the default, and I'm also going to tell it the first row of data contains the column address Let's click okay. Now click on edit recipient list, and you will see that it has loaded in the people from my document correctly into the fields. And I'm now going to click on start mail merge, and I'm going to choose labels, and I'm going to pick the label vendor that I have purchased. I'm just going to go with Avery, because they are very common. And I'm going to choose one of their templates, I'll probably just pick one at random here. But pick the one that you have purchased the product number that goes along with the label sheet that you are using, click okay. Now we're going to insert an address block in the right in the insert fields area, and as you can see it gives us a little demonstration over here as to what that address block is going to look like. Word has already formatted it based upon the headings from that Excel spreadsheet. Let's click preview results, and as you can see there is our finished label as it will appear when it's printed. My name is Dave Andrews, and I've just showed you how to create labels in Microsoft Word.