Video transcription

Hi friends I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida and I've been asked, how do we get rid of squirrels? Well squirrels are a real bad problem especially up in people's attics where they tend to nest and use the insulation actually for their nesting material. Now sometimes they'll come in out of the cold to get warm as well and they get locked up in the attic but getting rid of them, that's what we have to worry about. Now if you go up in your attic, there are catch traps that you can use. If you take a catch trap up in the attic and you use a little bit of bait, there's some nuts and things that squirrels like to feed on, you can put that inside of the catch trap and what the squirrel will do is he'll come inside the trap and there's one way in so you got to check the trap everyday to make sure it's OK, but go up in the attic and you'll look and a couple days later you might find that you have caught yourself a squirrel. The next thing you must do which is very important, is to go ahead and seal up the openings where the squirrel got into the home. Now one of the things that we use to go ahead and seal up the openings is a hardware cloth that we purchased at a local garden center or a hardware store and we can cut this into an area to go over the areas where the squirrel has got inside the home. Very easy to affix to the roof or to the side of the roof because you can bend this material and it'll fit just about anywhere you want it to go. Very important though to get rid of the entry holes where squirrels making an entrance into the home. I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida hoping you have a pest free day.