Video transcription

Hi my name is Tom and I am here at Best Buy today to show you how to connect a projector to a computer. So you are going to need a couple things. First of all your compute, projector, and then a VGA cable which is going to allow you to transfer that video from the computer to the projector. You are going to want to take this cable and locate the VGA input on the back of your projector. Go ahead and plug that cable in, screw it in and you are all done. Then you are going to want to locate the VGA input on the computer as well, on this notebook computer it is going to be on the side and you are going to want to take the same cable and plug it in to that as well. Once you have connected both ends to the projector and to the computer it should automatically pop up a notice on your computer asking you if you'd like to switch to that second display, if it does go ahead and hit o'kay and you'll be able to use that projector with the computer. If for whatever reason it does not pop up a notice you should also have a quick select button on the keyboard that looks like this. If you do not have that key or cannot locate that on your computer you can also right click on your screen and pull up the graphics properties on the computer. If you click on that it will pull up a screen allowing you to select a secondary device to display to. Go ahead and select that projector as a secondary device, hit apply and then hit o'kay and you'll now be able to display your video on your projector. Now this cable will only display video and not audio so you will still need to utilize your computer or laptop computer for your audio. If you wanted to use something else you could use an audio output to some sort of external device in order to get that audio to some sort of external player.