Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tom and I'm here at Best Buy to talk to you about what happens if you spill something on your keyboard. So, if you do happen to spill any sort of liquid on your keyboard, there's a few things you can try for sort of an easy, quick remedy to hopefully salvage the keyboard. First off, if you spill any liquids on the main part of the keyboard, try turning it upside down and letting those liquids drain out so that it can dry. You can store the keyboard, as such, in a warm, dry place and come back to it in a day or so to make sure that it's dry. A couple other things you could try to do, if you spill some small liquids on the keyboard, you could take a small thing such as a Q-tip and try to clean it out of the keyboard or you could pick up something like this can of compressed air and try to blow anything out of the keyboard if it's stuck in any of the crevices. If for whatever reason, none of these remedies work, might want to look into getting a new keyboard. Thanks, and for more information, head to