Video transcription

Hi. I'm Gabi, and I'm going to show you how to cook tuna steaks. So what I've got here is a piece of ahi tuna. It's a nice big steak. This could feed one hungry adult or two moderately hungry adults. I'm going to season both sides of my steak with a little bit of kosher salt. You could also use sea salt or table salt. This is a pretty thick steak, probably about an inch and a half thick. Now I'm going to bring it over. So now what you want to do is take your seasoned tuna steak and bring it over to this pan. I've got about a tablespoon of canola oil heating up in this pan. As you can see, it's over medium high heat. You can use olive oil or extra light olive oil. I recommend a fairly flavorless oil, though. So you want to very gently put it down in the pan. We're going to cook the tuna a little bit rare. This kind of tuna is best served with a pretty pink middle. So we're going to cook it for about 45 seconds on each side. So as you can see, it's cooking very quickly. And you can almost see the color start to rise from the bottom. Okay, so that is about enough color. So we're going to turn it over and allow it to cook on that side. Just to make sure it's not sticking, I'm going to move it over a little bit. And as you can see, the gray-brown color is continuing to move up, showing us that the tuna is cooking. All right. And believe it or not, the tuna steak is done.