Video transcription

How to learn basic tap steps. The thing to remember about tap is it's all about rhythm and it's all about the sounds. Today I will show you a few of my favorite more basic tap steps for a beginner. Starting off you want to learn a shuffle. A shuffle is made with the ball of the foot, two sounds front and back. Front, back. That's a brush and a spank, a brush and a spank. Making sure that you keep your movement coming from the ankle and not from the knee. The smaller the movement, the faster you'll be able to go. If you put a shuffle together with a step, you can make a step called a shim sham. Shim sham consists of a shuffle, step, a shuffle, step and then you're going to do what we call a shuffle ball change, front back, rock back in front and then another shuffle step. It sounds like this, shuffle step, shuffle step, shuffle ball change, shuffle step, shuffle step, shuffle step, shuffle ball change, shuffle step. There are many, many basic tap steps. A toe dig, a heel dig, a stomp, a stamp, lots of different ones. If you're interested in learning more about tap, you should look into taking a class at a local dance studio or college or university. It is one of the more fun forms of dance.