Video transcription

Hi, okay, so today we are talking about how to burn stomach fat. Now this is one of those tricky questions that is tricky only because the answer that I usually give is the one that people do not want to hear; which is there is no, there's no spot reduction really when it comes to burning fat off your stomach. The only way to do it is reduce your overall body fat. When it comes to burning fat off your body, you got to do it as a whole, a whole thing. So first of all, thats going to involve proper nutrition; reducing your body fat really is more about nutrition than you think. First of all you want to stay properly hydrated; you want to reduce your, your intake of simple sugars and processed sugars, saturated fat, fatty foods and also a big one is sodium intake which a lot of people take for granted. Make sure you that you stay properly hydrated and keep those things in mind. Now once you got your nutrition in line, you want to make sure that you are doing a comprehensive workout program and that's going to include resistance training and also cardiovascular training. Cardiovascular training is going to help burn fat and those really, really tough sprint sessions, wind sprint sessions, biking sessions, roller sessions and then the resistance training is going to help you build more lean muscle mass so that you can mobilize and metabolize more fat. That's going to include every place on your body. Usually the bad news is that the stomach and the hips are probably about the last places to go. But, if you stick with it you will notice a huge difference in those areas. One really great tip I love to get people is to try to do your cardiovascular training after your resistance training. Just trust me, it's a really, really great trick to burning off a little more fat in those workout sessions. Alright. So get to it; nutrition, hydration, workout including your cardiovascular and resistance exercise and you'll be well on your way to burning fat off your stomach.