Video transcription

Hello my name is Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg in Miami, Florida with Miami Dog Training. In this clip we are going to talk about what you should feed a dog that has diarrhea and Immodium is a great little pill to give them. You can also use products like Pepto Bismol, Kaopectate or Milk of Magnesia. Again the Pepto Bismol comes in a pill for which is easier. This is a pill which makes it a lot easier and a lot less messy to give the dog. Some of the other remedies for a dog with diarrhea would be an absorbent type of food like rice or pasta that really sucks up some of the excess liquid or liquids in their system at the time which is not getting absorbed by the intestines which causes that diarrhea. So rice, cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt are all things that can help with the digestion and proper digestion of the dog. Once again this is Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg with Miami Dog Training.