Video transcription

Hello, I'm Trina Sims of Green Star Herbs, in Austin, Texas, and today we'll be talking about how to store fresh ginger. Ginger is one of the two most commonly used spices or herbs on the planet. Let me show you some of the ways to store your fresh ginger. One of the very easiest and convenient for most of us is to take one or two small brown paper bags. If the bags are thin it's easy to put one inside the other, and this provides a nice environment in which air can circulate slowly, the root is safe from moisture, and it can dry at an even, slow rate. Simply place your ginger root into the clean brown paper bag, fold up the top, and this will keep the root safe and useful for weeks and weeks on end. As the root dries it remains usable, although the flavor will intensify a bit, and it becomes hotter. You'll also, once the root dries you'll want to grate it rather than cut it with a knife. A second, very simple way to store your fresh ginger root is simply to wrap it in some paper toweling lightly, again, so that it's protected from light, from dust, and from moisture; place it into an open basket, and here it will keep well again and usable for weeks or months as it dries. If you have a pretty covered basket and a cotton kitchen towel you can keep your root usable for an even longer time. Place the folded cotton towel into the closed basket; put your root inside, cover it lightly, and close the basket. The folded towel and the closed basket works even better than the paper for keeping your root fresh, usable, and allowing it to dry very, very slowly and evenly. This is how you keep fresh ginger root safe and usable for months on end.