Video transcription

Hi I'm Becky Sosa with Stress Free Events and I'd like to talk to you about how to decorate a wedding table. There are several different options that you have. One of those options is to actually use your food as your center piece. You can use your appetizers as your center piece. You can buy things like the cake stand or cup cake stand and use those. Adding a few flowers underneath if you have one that is clear like this will help tie in the flowers from your wedding. This is just a vine but you can use fresh flowers as well. Use whatever food that you would like, whatever your appetizers are. You could have cheese, you could have fruits, you could have meats. If you want to you can always add some more floral to one of the layers and this gives variety and height and it is a practical way to use your table. There are other options that we can look at as well. One of the options would be a more traditional center piece adding tall candles and a floral arrangement in a vase. Again you have the diversity on heights but it is a more traditional or elegant centerpiece. This is how you can decorate a wedding table.