Video transcription

Early Lyme disease. It usually is after a tick bite. It occurs at the site, it's a rash that's circular and it can spread up to 30 CMs across the body. You normally present with fatigue, chills, fever, headache, joint aches, lymph nodes increase with many times with an arthritic type pain and you may not even see this for a long period of time. I've known people that have not even had it up to a year but knowing that you have to go back and try to track to see OK where did this begin and when did this occur? A person could even present with numbness and tingling in the hands and the feet. It's usually treated with antibiotics if you're aware of what's happened to you. Or in usually it will just clear up but you may end up with some problems, with the joint aches and with the arthritic type pain, so be aware that if a tick has bitten you and you are aware of it that you tell your physician and follow it, not everybody calls the doctor and says I got bit by a tick. But if you see that rash that doesn't clear too well and it begins to spread, I would call a physician and let them know that and get yourself on antibiotic written from your doctor.