Video transcription

Hello my name is Rebecca Herrick. I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist in Wilmington, North Carolina and I am here to tell you how to firm your jowl with exercises. Basically you have many muscles underneath your jowl area here that can be toned and strengthened just like any other muscles in your body. In order to really create a difference in your jowl you are going to have to do these exercises probably three to five times a week. They should never cause you any pain and you should always consult your doctor or practitioner before starting any exercise regimen. A few examples of some exercises you can do: 1) you can tilt your head back and look up at the ceiling and then move your mouth in a chewing action about 20 times so open your jaw, chew for about 20 times, then release your head back down and repeat that a few times. Another example is just stretching the muscles of the neck which is great for the jowl as well as just increasing circulation to the neck muscles. My favorite ones to do are just bringing the ear to the shoulder, holding that while holding the shoulder down, hold that for about 30 seconds, do the other side, turn your head to one shoulder, turn to the other shoulder, that's another one, great for loosening up muscles and also using these muscles to hold in that position. The third exercise you can do is to look up at the ceiling and pucker your lips together as if you were going to give that ceiling a kiss and hold it for about five seconds, then release and do that about five times. So those are just three examples of how you can firm your jowl through facial exercises.