Video transcription

Hi my name is Nick Charette. We are here at Concord Auto Spa and I am going to show you some home remedies for cleaning a stain or just your everyday carpet inside your vehicle. You are going to want a nylon brush to help treat friction and pick up the stain. You are going to want some hot water and in this case we put it in this little cup. You want a basic stain remover. It doesn't have to be anything harsh. You don't want anything really harsh or you can use a noncorrosive laundry detergent, whatever you have around, whatever you have access to. Either one will do just as good as the job it is all about a little elbow grease with a brush and depending on how bad the stain is you may need a little more aggressive stuff but the majority of your everyday stuff all you need is a basic stain remover, hot water and a brush. First things first you want to take your stain treater apply it to the stain or the area that you are getting ready to clean. Once you have that sprayed you want to take your brush that is going to create the friction which acts just like on a regular shampooer it acts like the nozzle that helps create the friction and the heat needed to get rid of the stain. You put it in the hot water and you already have the product on there and this is where the friction comes in and you just really want to get in there and help just break it up. The hot water really helps especially if you do not have a hot solution like a carpet extractor. You can really really easily do this from home it just takes a little longer and the stain remover works just as well as the industrial cleaner that we have in the carpet extractor and once you are done creating enough friction you are going to want to take a wet dry vac and suck it up because it acts just like the two vacuums on the carpet extractor and you don't want to leave that sitting there you want to get that stain, you want to get the dirt out of there and so you just go over the area that you were doing and you want to do it a few times to make sure you get everything that you can because you don't want that build up to stay there. You really want to have enough drying time as I said before you want at least a day for everything to dry and for whatever is going to reappear to reappear and to be able to treat again you can do it right away if you wanted if you see another stain so we will go through the same process. You might want to use a little more aggressive remover if it does come back but you don't want to use too aggressive because you don't want to harm the cloth on your interior. So basically once you are done vacuuming up the solution that you have set on the cloth you are done with the process and you may want to run over it with the cloth just to create some extra friction but you should be o'kay and that should be it for home remedies on cleaning the interior of your car, carpets or cloth seats.