Video transcription

Hi my name is Nick Charette and we are here at Concord Auto Spa and I am going to show you how to deep clean the upholstery in the seats in your car. Most people like to vacuum their seats and that satisfies them. However, I recommend you should do it at least once a year just to help prevent build up that would be hard to get later and it also helps the resale value of your car to keep it looking nice. Now it is basically like a home shampooer. It has the same concept behind it and you can usually use the same techniques to actually get the job done. You basically pull the trigger and it sprays out hot solution to break up the dirt and grime that is in your seat and it has a double vacuum that sucks it up. So you just want to go over section by section, little by little and make sure you get as much as you can. If you have a really tough stain like right here you might want to hit it a little extra to make sure that it is gone and you can get as much as you can out of it. That is basically how you shampoo the inside of your car. Your seats you will really want to get deep within your upholstery to help prevent things. You go over every section just like that even the headrests. A lot of people forget the headrests. You really want to make sure you get every little crevice, all the sides and usually for the drying time we like to tell our customers to leave their windows down a crack or else moisture will build up and if you can leave it down overnight and usually it will be dry. It will be hard to set on. You'll get wet but it should dry within a few hours and you should at least be able to sit on it at least a day to completely dry and the main stains are going to come back up, they're going to come back up within then and you might want to hit them again but at least it will be dry and you will know what you have and what you have not done.