Video transcription

Hello, this is Andrew Reynolds and today I'm going to show you how to make a hangman's knot. Basically you just pull out a little section of rope here and then take your finger and just kind of let it, the rope slide around and get an equal distance there; so this is what you're going to kind of end up with initially and then you pull this rope down to about halfway and you're going to make like a little islet here. And then basically you just take all your sections of rope and you start wrapping that hanging over piece up the rope. And the more you have there, the more kind of decorative it will be; that you'll have, you know, a lot of strands here; makes it look kind of genuine. And then basically whenever you have a little bit left, you're going to go ahead and put it through that original loop and then pull the rope tight so that it secures around that rope. And of course, this rope here will be able to slide in and out creating the hangman's news effect. But if you want authenticity, that is the way you do it. Thanks for watching. .