Video transcription

Hello, my name's Mark and we're going to look at the purpose of meeting minutes. The taking of minutes is about recording a meeting. The elements, the key elements of a meeting. Why? Well, there needs to be a record of the meeting, itself, for basically, for a file, for your records, but also as a legally binding agreement. A document that can be used if anything isn't carried out as was agreed. So in this case, we need to think about what is required. Obviously the quorum, or the group of people that have been invited to the meeting, need to be there. And if not, there needs to be a reason for the absence of any key members of staff, or colleagues. We need to consider what tools you need. You need a room. You need a place for people to sit. It's a reasonably formal occasion, so it needs to be done in a way that everybody has their own tools, a piece of paper, a pen. Maybe something to drink if it's a long period of time. The recording of the meetings involves you, if you're responsible for recording the meetings. Using some form of device to actually physically record what's being said, so an MP3 player, a tape recorder. You require a piece of paper, pen. And then when you look at the elements that need to be recorded, so...A. the day, the time, and where, the location of the meeting. Who is actually there in terms of the attendees, in terms of the invited attendees. Who's not there. The date, and then we talk about the actual subject. What is the meeting about? What is the core, the key issue here? It could be a annual, general meeting. It could be a shareholders meeting. It could be a regional meeting. So once the relevant people, and attendees of the meeting are collected together, then the key item or items that need to be discussed should be recorded. Now, if you're responsible for taking those minutes, and you're an active or participating member of this, you should stay alert, because, obviously, whiles it's important that you are recording the information, both in an audio format and by hand, if you're using a pen, for example, you should still be focused on the key points because maybe you have some input that's required, as well. So this is an important document, and it's very....the reason that the minutes need to be recorded are for referral and as a reference, a cross reference, to an agreement or a direction that has been collectively agreed upon as a later point of reference.