Video transcription

O.k, how to splice coaxial cables. If you have a cable that needs to be joined together, like this, let's say, all you have to do is cut the cable with special cable strippers. You could use a knife if you knew exactly what dimensions the cable had to be spliced and what depth, but that stripper makes things a lot easier, basically turns the cable into something like that, just make sure there's no outer bray touching the center conductor and then you have the compression cables, or compression plugs that you put onto the cable. Make sure the dielectric comes to the, seats at the bottom of the F plug on both and these compression cables need to be crimped, that's what this tool does, it crimps them down tight. You can't remove these at all, plus these are weather proof, they can be left out in any kind of weather, and then what you have to get is a barrel connector like this here, this barrel connector goes on to each one, screws in like that on one side, and then the other side I can put this plug in and that screws into that side of the barrel connector and that's a completely weather proof connection with no chance of coming apart. And, that's you, how to splice a cable.