Video transcription

Wondering what a pulled muscle feels like? It's actually a strain that happens when a muscle is stretched too far. So there's three grades that we need to discuss to decide what type of strain that you have. Grade one is just mild, not really pain but a little difficult feeling, you're really not limited in your abilities and you're not limited in your activity. Grade two there is moderate pain involved, actually there can be some to little bruising and significant swelling. Grade three is very severe pain where bruising and swelling are both evident. You're going to want to use anti-inflammatories, rest of course, ice and if it's mild, it's that first grade, you're going to want to do a little type of stretching just to get that body part moving. I've personally had muscle tears, not a great feeling, very severe pain, sometimes it can almost feel like a cramp, charlie-horse. So you can have mild to severe pain associated with it. But the best thing I can recommend is always make sure that you properly warm up always making sure that you're stretching and try not to lift more than you know that muscle can handle. That's where tears come into place is when that muscle stretches.