Video transcription

Breathing exercises, performed correctly, are very important for lowering blood pressure. One thing you always want to make sure when you're performing your breathing exercise in a chair, is that you have loose clothing on. You don't have a tight belt. You don't have any tight, restrictive jewelry. This is something that we want to try to achieve. We're going to place one hand on the upper chest. We're going to place the other hand under the rib cage. And what we want to try to do with this activity is, we want to take a deep breath in, holding it in, and we want to let it out twice as slow. So we want to actually push that diaphragm down through the bellybutton. So we're going to take that deep breath in through the mouth, filling that chest out as slow as we possibly can. Pushing that diaphragm out, and then we're going to exhale twice as slow as we breathed in. Although this exercise seems simple, it is actually a little bit difficult to get down. It's going to take about three or four times a day performed about five minutes a time. It's very important to make sure that you are filling up your chest, because that is what's going to lower your blood pressure accordingly.