Video transcription

Let's talk about what are some home remedies for dog skin allergies. Allergies are very very common in dogs. There can be multiple types of allergies. There can be food allergies, there can be environmental like pollen, dust, that sort of thing or other animals in the environment. And flea allergies are very common as well. And so your dog needs to be diagnosed first as far as what type of allergy is the cause. If it's a food allergy a special diet usually works well. If it's flea allergy obviously flea control works. Now environmental allergies are the ones that give most people the hard time because it's chronic, it can happen all year long, or seasonally and basically become a long term situation that you have to deal with all the time. So home remedies, first of all you'd want to check with your veterinary clinic but antihistamines can help a lot of these dogs with allergies. But check with what you can use and what dosage you need for your pet. Now if you're using antihistamine it has to be an antihistamine only and without any other medications in there like Tylenol and that sort of thing. Other home remedies basically involve diets or supplements. Now, the diet needs to be a good quality diet for allergies because they can also have multiple allergies, and like food and pollen allergies at the same time. Also, sometimes fish oil or fatty acid oil supplement can help dogs with skin allergies as well. Check with your clinic and they can help you with that. Other home remedies involve like shampoo. If you're using a shampoo on your dog, you want to use something that's very mild that's oatmeal based or something like that that's soothing to the skin. Because their skin is obviously already inflamed and itchy do to allergies. But an oatmeal based shampoo is a great home remedy that you can do every week, every two weeks based on what your veterinary clinic tells you and it can help soothe the skin as well.