Video transcription

Let's talk about what are some common causes of hair loss in cats. And there are bunches of them. One that we see very, very commonly are allergies. Now allergies can be broken up into several groups. You can have allergies to food that'll cause hair loss, you'll have allergies to the environment such as dust or pollen or carpeting, something like that, that can cause hair loss. And very commonly flea allergy from cats who are indoors only believe it or not or indoor outdoor cats. And so that's very, very common to see allergies cause hair loss as well. Now other types of hair loss conditions in cats can be poor nutrition or underlying diseases like kidney disease or hyperthyroidism, you could also see hair losses from diseases which are fungal like ringworm. So that's a common occurrence in some cats as well. So there are multiple reasons that cats can lose hair and another one actually is stress. Cats who are very stressed in an environment or sometimes not getting along with another cat can psychologically start pulling their hair out, well manually that is, but for psychological reasons because they think it makes them feel better and gives them something to do. So check with your veterinary clinic first if your cat is losing hair from an unknown reason, your clinic can look at that cat, see if there's a parasitic reason, mites, topically, is there an allergy going on, are there fleas, is this a psychological reason or is there an underlying disease process that may be making your cat lose the hair.