Video transcription

Hi. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to show you how to machine wash your pillows. Pillows need to be washed more often than you think. They harbor bacteria, mold, mildew and things like this very easily, because when you're asleep at night, some people drool, some people sweat. Pillows can get really nasty, and I don't think people really realize how gross they get. So, here's just some tips. I'd say wash them just as often as you wash your comforter and your sheets and things. So, you want to pre-treat it first with a stain remover. If you've got drool spots or anything like that, spray them on there. Let them sit. Just whatever the directions for the stain remover says. Next, you want to wash them in I would say the hottest water you can, because that will kill any mold or bacteria or germs that are living in your pillow. So, put it on the hottest setting possible and start your washing machine. (Demo). When you put it in there, don't wrap it around the agitator. Drop it in there. While it's filling up, add a splash of vinegar. This is going to get rid of any musty smells or odors that the pillow may have. And then, add your laundry detergent. After you've washed your pillow, when you put it in the dryer, throw a couple of tennis balls in there with it. This will fluff it up again and it will be just like brand new. It's that simple. Just make sure to do it often. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you wash pillows in the washing machine.