Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and I'm going to tell you a little about removing rust from aluminum. A lot of people like to collect aluminum tins, or you know, aluminum lunch boxes. There are so many collectibles, but sometimes if you find somethin' like that it's already rusted. That's why somebody's gettin' rid of it at the garage sale or he's givin' it to Goodwill. There is something you can do about the rust. The first thing I would try is grab an onion, slice it in half, and use the open part of the onion to rub on the rust. This'll cause a chemical reaction that really makes the rust flake off. After you've done that or if you don't have, you know, a an onion at all you can try usin' Barkeeper's Friend. This stuff is awesome for removing rust from anything. You want to get it on your sponge, and wet it and use that. You want to, of course, make sure all of it's cleaned off, especially if you're going to put it on somethin' that has cleaning utensils in it like this one, or cooking utensils. Another thing you can try is steel wool. Steel wool will really rub off any rust spots that you have. You just have to try to be careful not to scratch your item. And after you've done all these things and you've got the rust off you want to make sure to treat the metal with some sort of polish to you know, give it that shine back. A lot of times Brasso's really great for that. Vinegar and water will really help bring some of the shine back. Whatever you think's best. There's tons of metal polishes out there. I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and that is how you, or those are some tips for removing rust from aluminum.