Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and I'm going to show you how to remove scratches from your eyeglasses. Plastic lenses are usually what eyeglasses have if, you know; most of em' don't have real glass in em' anymore, because they would break too easily and they're really heavy, so we've come a long way. Anyway, what you want to find is things around your house. If you don't have Armor Edge which is a a lens cleaner, you know. It's just for scratches. It's specifically for glasses. I really don't think it's that necessary if you have some Lemon Pledge, because Lemon Pledge contains wax. That wax is what's going to fill the cracks in, so just buff. You may have to do this for a couple of minutes on each side of these glasses, but it will fill in the scratches, and you may have to repeat this depending on how bad the scratches are. Another thing you can try if you don't have lemon pledge, or if you think that somethin' else may work better is Brasso. I don't much like the smell of Brasso, so I would try the Lemon Pledge first. Smells a lot better. But, Brasso works really well. You want to rub for three to four minutes. You want to really buff that into the lenses. That smell is strong, and don't do it back to back right after the Pledge cause the fumes of that are almost unbearable. After you've buffed, and buffed, and buffed you want to rinse em' off; let em' dry, and then clean em' with your everyday glass cleaner, or vinegar and water works excellent. I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and that is how you remove scratches from eyeglasses.