Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and I'm going to show you how to clean aluminum and pewter serving pieces. The thing about anything that you're going to serve food in is you don't want to use something that's toxic, that's going to hurt people; like you know, a lot of metal polishing or metal cleaning products are toxic, and they contain horrible toxic substances that might make your food taste bad first of all, and you don't want to make that impression, so here's what you do. You want to find somethin' with a lot of vinegar in it. Vinegar and metal are awesome together. They really work well together. Vinegar cleans metal really well. If you want your vinegar in a thicker form so that you can buff it, and you know, have it more in a paste that would be ketchup. You can squirt the ketchup directly onto your piece, and grab a paper towel, or if you have more detailed work on this pewter piece; we have little tiny detailed work so you're going to want to put the ketchup onto your paper towel, and then buff it this way. If you need to let the ketchup dry, and then rinse it off and repeat this process again. The ketchup is really what's going to help polish this nice and clean.