Video transcription

Some students of the tarot feel that it's very important for them to express artistically their feelings having to do with the tarot cards. Many people have come out with their own artistic renditions or had artists portray their feelings, and that's how we ended up with the wonderful cards here; almost all of them except for the regular playing deck, and somebody had a vision somewhere for that. If you're artistically inclined, and if you're a student that really wants to understand your inner self more you could possibly get blank cards and start painting your own images. Many people have done it. I have my own personal deck; however, that is for my own personal deck so I don't share that. So, I come from a native American and a Celtic background, and sometimes in my dream world I wasn't sure which ancestor was speaking to me, and even though we realize we are all one and all connected I preferred the images that were more totem energies and nature energies, and so the deck that I did make had to do with my power animals, and they are very personal and I use them often to meditate and to think about the things I need to think about. There are many decks with totem animals that would have done the same thing for me. I actually have the medicine cards here. And this is a very visual; Jamie Sams is a wonderful, wonderful reader, medicine woman. She and David Carson put together these cards, and as you can see they're much more simple and yet they tell a great story. These are amages images of the different totems, the horse, the strength. Just to look at this image you would have an understanding immediately, so you could create a deck that could be elaborate if you have artistic abilities, but it should come from the heart. That is the main thing. The owl, of course, grandmother wisdom. So, there are many images that you could choose from just like Doreen made the magical, mystical mermaid and dolphin. Pamela Coleman Smith was the artist that designed these for the Waite deck, and that was more years ago than I've been alive that's for sure. I use this deck for teaching because the imagery is so intense and these metaphysicians knew exactly what they were doing with the color schemes, the symbols, and so this actually does an awakening. They say if one were imprisoned with just this deck of cards, the Waite deck, that the images were set in motion to activate the subconscious mind. These people were very well studied before they put this together.