Video transcription

I'm Dr. David Thomas. I'm a practicing psychotherapist in Tampa, Florida with the Whitford Thomas Group to speak to you today about the signs of hormone anxiety. Anxiety the symptoms of anxiety or the signs of hormone anxiety would not be much different than the sign of any other type of anxiety and what you would tend to see with whether it be hormone anxiety or what we call normal anxiety would be certainly the sense of fear or kind of trepidation. Another sign of hormone anxiety would be increased heart rate, increased perspiration, often times people feel as though their heart is kind of pounding out of their chest. Another symptom or sign of hormone anxiety would be a lot of muscle ache, a lot of body ache, a lot of general physical discomfort and when we talk about hormone anxiety generally we are talking about hormone anxiety related to women. Historically women tend to experience more anxiety than men. When we are talking about hormone anxiety really we are talking about reproductive hormones and interestingly once you talk to your physician and gynecologist or the person you work with as far as to deal with those type of symptoms often times there is some medications they can give you that can help deal more effectively with that. The nice thing about hormone anxiety is it tends to be time limited and that being the case since a lot of anxiety is driven by thought as well is the more you can understand the thinking component of anxiety the more likely you are to minimize the symptoms of anxiety whether it be hormonal which tends to be certainly much more chemically driven or thinking driven and again hormone anxiety tends to be related more to women but there is almost always a thinking component related to hormone anxiety. The symptoms tend to be identical to any other type of anxiety but it is just simply driven by some depletion or hormonal imbalance in the system. I'm Dr. David Thomas speaking today about hormone anxiety.