Video transcription

I'm here to show you how to make a paper hat. Now for today I'm just using a half-size sheet of newspaper. You could do this with a full-size of newspaper. Always making sure that creases are strong. You can use a pencil if you're fingers aren't going to work well enough for you. Or you could use a ruler. And I like to use a half-inch or a half of a ruler just so a big ruler isn't in my way. So if this was a big sheet of paper you'd still do the same process. If you don't know exactly where your middle is take and go down and fold it in half and crease it. Once again you could use a ruler or the pencil. And I'm going to open it up. So I have my guideline. I'm going to take my left corner and bring it down to that crease and crease it, or the center-fold. This would be your center-fold on your big sheet of newspaper just to help you visualize that. And I bring the other side to the same point just like this. Now what you're going to do is bring this half sheet up and then make sure your creases are holding just like that. And you're going to turn it over and fold these down. Now if you want a pirate hat, I'll stop for a minute. If you want a pirate hat you would fold both sides up and there could be your pirate hat. If you're not doing a pirate hat, get back to our original, you would fold these down on the sides. And then here's where you would need to know how big the head is. So my head's a little bigger so I wouldn't fold it in as much hoping that it'll fit being the fact I was using a half-sheet of paper. So maybe an inch in. Obviously if you have a smaller head you can fold this in to whatever size that you need. And then you're going to fold this up. Actually I'm going to fold this a first time, and then a second time just because it's a little bit taller than I would need. Tuck that in so it doesn't show. And then you open it like that, and there's your party hat. Thanks. Have a great day.