Video transcription

My name is Dr. Alan Watson. I'm an ophthalmologist in St. Joseph, Missouri and we're here today to talk about eye problems. Some of the side effects of Lasik eye surgery are similar to those of wearing bifocal soft contact lenses in that when the eye is dilated at night some people that have had Lasik will complain of star bursting emanating from lights or lights may have a halo or glow about them. There may be a slight blur or two edged phenomenon on things because of the way the cornea is shaped with the laser. Some patients after having Lasik eye surgery will have a dry eye with a foreign body sensation and so they typically may have to use more artificial tear lubricants than previously. When the cornea is cut for the flap it cuts some of the nerves to the cornea and that may inhibit some of the tear formation in those individuals and so they frequently have to keep their eye quite lubricated afterwards to avoid that foreign body sensation. This has been Dr. Alan Watson, ophthalmologist in St. Joseph, Missouri discussing different eye problems and the treatment of different eye problem with you.