Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I am going to talk about why do plants need light. Now plants are similar to humans and other animals in the fact that they need light to survive so the only way that plants can absorb minerals or get their food into their plant bodies is with light and so through the process of photosynthesis they can use energy. What happens is as the sun beats down the leaves have chlorophyll in them which it makes them green, that chlorophyll enables photosynthesis and basically it is breaking down carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen and at the same time it is taking all of the energy into the leaves in the system and just like us they process sugar and the light will allow the energy to turn into sugar and that's energy. So that way they can grow new leaves and new stems and they can survive. So without light when plants don't have a lot of light they're reaching for the light and humans need light too because our minerals are not absorbed by our body unless we have that light. We need Vitamin D. Well plants don't use Vitamin D but they need the light for photosynthesis and it is very similar and without the light they will die.