Video transcription

Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow grass hay. Now hay isn't just for horses and people use it for all different types of reasons too. And it's very nutritious, and you don't, whether you have horses or cows or even guinea pigs, there's lots of uses for hay. And hay is just a grass like the grass in your lawn and so it's very easy to grow. You just need to have room to grow it because it does take a lot of space. And you can start it by grass seeds just like the grass in your lawn in the spring or the fall. And it will come up and it will grow all summer long and then to the point where it's turned to seed and then you chop it and you can roll it and turn it into bales and you can use it all winter long. But it needs full hot sun and good drainage and good composted material or anything that has really good drainage. And they don't really want any fertilizers or any extras because they do grow in really warm climates as well. And they're easy to grow whether you do live in a cold climate or a warm climate. And you can just start them from seed every spring and then just harvest it in the fall. But you've got to make sure that it doesn't get too wet. Because they'll rot in a boggy area. So just follow the rules for your lawn and that way you can save lots of money because it's very expensive to buy them by the bale.