Video transcription

Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow a braided money tree. The money tree, or the braided money tree, is a beautiful plant that is given as a gift all over Asia and it represents luck or fortune. So, when someone opens a new shop or a restaurant, they're given the braided money tree as a sign of good luck. It's not really a tree; it's actually a philodendron; it's a type of houseplant. It's a really pretty plant from Mexico. And, so, to take care of it, you treat it just like any other houseplant. You don't let it get cold at all. It cannot get below even fifty degrees, so you keep it in a warm room and don't put it in full hot sun because it'll just bake and get sunburned. If you can, keep it in a room that has partial light and in a window where it's getting some light, but not getting sunburned. Keep it wet, but never let it sit in water, because they always come in these gorgeous containers and you water it and then it just sits in water. So, make sure and actually empty it out and water it, but never let it sit in water and you will find it'll grow really well. Periodically just cut out some of the dead leaves because they kind of die over the seasons and you'll find they'll grow even more leaves. Because the branches are actually braided, you'll find it'll keep growing and you can continue to braid them as well. It's as easy as that. So, the braided money tree, or philodendron plant, is a gorgeous house plant that's actually really easy to grow.