Video transcription

Hello. My name is Dr. Jack Shohet. And I'm here to talk to you about how to pop your ears open. Ears that tend to pop are ones that have problems with equalization. Typically a cold, or allergies, or sinus problems, can lead to the ears feeling like they need to be popped. In terms of trying to blow air up through your Eustachian tube and pop the ears, I don't think that's necessarily a very safe way to do it. And so I would gear my efforts towards alleviating the underlying cause, which may be either treating a cold, your allergies or sinus problems, to help relieve that pressure that builds up behind the ear drum. With air travel, often times you may feel the need to pop your ears. Usually, sipping water or chewing gum will help to bring about an equalization of the pressure. But occasionally you, occasionally you may feel the need to pop your ears, and for divers and I guess maybe perhaps for some air travelers, pinching the nose and trying to blow air up through the nose, some people may experience some improvement.