Video transcription

Hello, this is Dr. Jack Shohet. I'm here to discuss how to dissolve ear wax. Well, really, there's no way to dissolve earwax, without hurting the other structures around your ear. More likely, you're going to loosen the earwax, with some of the over the counter wax removal products, or some mineral oil, baby oil, almond oil, or olive oil, may be helpful in lubricating the earwax, loosening up, so that your ear canal can then expel it on its own. The ear is actually self cleaning. The movement of the skin from the very inner portions of the ear canal, towards the opening of the ear canal, on the outside, helps to push wax out of your ear, and so the wax that needs to come out, typically comes out on its own, so when you can feel compelled to remove wax from your ear canal, just take a washcloth, put it on the end of your finger, and just clean it out, in the shower.