Video transcription

Hello this is Dr. Jack Shohet discussing how to loosen earwax. Earwax can be loosened with some over the counter products that are made to help loosen up the earwax but often times and usually that has to be followed up by some type of form of cleaning of the ear canal such as an irrigation done by your primary care provider or removal of the earwax under a microscope by your ENT physician. But probably the most important thing to remember is wax is not a bad thing. Wax is there for a reason, our bodies create wax for a couple of purposes. The first purpose is the wax has properties that kill bacteria and fungus. So it is somewhat of an antimicrobial, it actually will kill off organisms that can be detrimental to your ear canal. Second of all, earwax has a high oil content and as such it will help ward off moisture from the ear canal which can be a problem in terms of promoting bacterial or fungal growth. So those properties are important parts of why wax is there for a reason and the majority of the time, the ear canal will take care of the wax itself.