Video transcription

Hello, this is Dr. Jack Shohet. I'm here to discuss the different ear wax products that are available. I don't have any specific recommendations of one over the other. They are generally used to help loosen up the ear wax from the ear canal so that it can either get removed by the ear on its own or it can be removed by your hearing professional in the way of a ear irrigation or under microscopic visualization. Q-tips are developed for use in the outer portions of the ear, and not for use deep here in your ear canal. By using Q-tips frequently, you're removing wax that protects the ear canal normally. Furthermore, the Q-tips can scratch the ear canal. When you feel compelled to remove wax from your ear canal, just take a washcloth. Put it on the end of your finger, and just clean it out in the shower. In my office, I use a microscope and a special device called a curette, and under direct visualization, I'll go in through the ear canal to remove the ear wax so that we can remove it completely and safely.