Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dr. Larry Klein, and I'm a dentist here in St. Petersburg, Florida. Today we're going to be talking about treatment of dental abscesses. There's two different types of abscesses. There's a gum abscess, and a tooth abscess. On the screen here is an example of a tooth abscess, which is basically called, in this situation, because a cavity got so big, that it ended up injuring the nerve. To treat an abscess, a tooth abscess, like that, really got two different options. Number one, you can take the tooth out. Okay, that gets rid of the infected nerve. Also, probably the more recommended way, would be to treat it with a root canal. If you treat it with a root canal, you basically get to save the tooth, and hold on to that for support, and then also get rid of the pain. Dental abscesses are very, very painful, and probably the hardest thing is they keep people up at night, and cause people to miss work, and cause a lot of pain. So, if you need, have a dental abscess, you really, really need to see your dentist, and get on some antibiotics. Find out what needs to be taken care of, whether it needs to be taken out, or whether they can do a root canal, and save the tooth. So, if you have any other questions about dental abscesses, or anything in dentistry in general, feel free to give me a call. I'm Larry Klein. Here in St. Petersburg, where a smile is contagious.