Video transcription

Hi . My name is Jonathan and I'm with Champion MMA .Today we're going to talk about how much pro boxers make. That's got to do how much career you have as a amateur fighter. And how much career you have as an amateur fighter, it's going to determine when you become pro, how much money you're going to be making. It's also got to do the company, the promotion company you're working with. That's the one that's going to determine how much they're going to pay you. You got to make sure you and your coach, how much the promotion company is paying the boxers. It's also got to do in the moment you're fighting, what card. If you're the main event, under or before the main event. That's going to determine how much you're going to be making for fight. Hey, I'll tell you one thing. It can be from four hundred dollars to a million dollars. It's all depends into you make it up there. And this moment we have HBO. That's the top thing. That's how you getting paid right now. But you have to build up a good amateur and professional career in order to make that big money. A lot of dedication and confident in what you're doing.