Video transcription

Hi, Joel Hickerson, And today we're going to learn how to draw a German shepherd dog. First is we need a point of reference and German shepherd is more horizontal than he is vertical. So we're going to turn our sketchpad sideways and start with the center of our German shepherd which probably be the best would be the shoulder. So we're going to draw a circle where the shoulder area is. Now a German shepherd has a thick chest, so don't be shy about that circle. Then come up where the head would be. Draw another circle. And then come back onto the haunches or the rear of our dog. Draw a little slightly smaller circle. Remember he's got a deep chest that kind of arks up into his, the haunches. Alright? Come up to the face a little circle for the muzzle. Now you can start fleshing it out. The German shepherd also has a thick neck. So don't be afraid to kind of ark the neck. Come into the chest. Come up to the, the rear. And we kind of start fleshing out our, our dog. He has four legs. So we'll do one leg, two leg coming off the shoulder. The rear legs. Ears. German shepherd has pointy ears. They're going to be like two triangles on his head. Come down. Now we're going to start with our finished thing, finished elements. That which would be like a nose. Have a little black nose, with a muzzle coming in. Come down to the, right below the jaw. Up, it has a, a brow. German shepherd actually has the brow. The ears, don't make them too big. German shepherd has hair, so you want to give it a little bit of a texture for the hair. Come on the back. Now a dog's leg, you've heard the expression crooked as a dog's hind leg. They are crooked. They come, they actually have a reverse joint to ours. So, keep that in mind when you draw the back legs. Front is just straight down. OK. Lastly, the tail. Very bushy, and it could even be a little longer than that if you wanted. OK. Eyeball. German shepherds tend to look kind of serious so I keep that in mind. Well that's pretty much your basic elements in your German shepherd. Just remember don't be shy about the hair. They are a, a long haired dog for the most part. And that's how you draw a German Shepherd dog.